Trim, prune, remove, stump grind, and 24 hour emergency services

83′ tracked Spiderlift

  • ability to access 36″ entryways
  • 83′ working height
  • self stabilizing capabilities for work on hills or slopes
  • rubber tracks for little to no disturbance
  • up to 46′ lateral side reach

Trimming & Pruning

Correct pruning is an essential part of responsible tree care. Through decades of research, the ISA has established specific guidelines for pruning that we follow. These techniques improve a tree’s health and enhance its beauty.

Depending on the needs of a homeowner—and the target tree—our tree pruning may include any of the following steps:
• Correct any previous poor pruning
• Remove deadwood
• Selectively remove crossing branches
• Raise the crown to provide more space under the tree
• Thin the tree carefully to create more light and air flow
• In any given year, no more than 25% – 33% of a tree can be removed through pruning. A mature tree, especially, is vulnerable to too much pruning. The Capital tree experts will prune only as much as is safe for the tree so the homeowner can enjoy its beauty for years to come.

Tree Removal

We love trees, and we know they play an important role in enhancing our ecosystem, improving our home property, and enriching our quality of life. But sometimes a tree must be removed due to poor health, threat to safety, poor aesthetics, or incorrect size for the space. Capital Tree Experts can remove a tree efficiently and safely. No matter the size, no matter the location.

Generally, to remove a tree, the arborist climbs the tree with climbing ropes and harness, removing the limbs from the bottom up, dropping them carefully to the ground in a cleared area. If the tree is close to a home, fence, or other important structure, we rig each limb down, one at a time, with the ground crew chipping the limbs in a safe area.

Once we have chipped up the limbs, we cut the trunk and lower it to the ground. In this way, we control the tree removal from the top down. Sometimes, the tree is situated in a place where we need to use a crane to remove the tree, and the Capital Tree Experts are up to the challenge.

Stump Grinding

Do you have unsightly stumps that you want GONE? We have a sturdy Vermeer sc60tx rubber tracked Stump Grinder that will chew through the stump like a hot knife through butter. Designed to maneuver through narrow passages, such as a backyard gate, our low impact stump grinder will eliminate the evidence of any stump ever being there.

In some cases, we can also grind the large roots that radiate from the stump above ground level, thus making it easier to replant. An added benefit to grinding a stump is the mulch created by the grinder, mulch that can be spread around trees or shrubs to improve the soil and encourage deep root growth.

Emergency Tree Services 24/7

Often, trees and limbs fail when we least expect it. In those times, call the Capital Tree Experts for reliable and efficient service. We will respond quickly to your emergency, take care of the problem, and work with your insurance company to ease your burden.

Not only do we clean up after storms, but we can come to your property and assess your trees. We can determine which trees pose a potential dangerous threat and can remove them to prevent future damage.

Milled slabs for sale

Make custom furniture with these beautiful Big Leaf Maple, live edge, slabs. They were milled and set to dry in May of 2014.  Call if you are interested!

Additional Services

Brush mowing, concrete demo, dump trucking, rock placement.