Jean writes;

“Barry and the other tree cutters did an excellent job cutting a walnut tree.  Their spider lift is something everyone should see.  With that lift, I don’t know why anybody would call anyone else.  They cleaned up a lot of  my neighbor’s walnuts and leaves off my lawn which I appreciated very much.  They were all very nice.  Barry is an arborist so is knowledgeable about trees.  I really like that they have 24/7 emergency service in case one of the neighbor’s trees fall in my yard or on my house.  If you need a tree cut, Capital Tree Experts is the place to call.  Thank you.”

Lee writes;

“From the very first moment that I contacted their office in which Sarah answered the phone on the second ring, I knew right away I had made the right call with Capital Tree Experts and they have not only met my expectations but have exceeded them on all counts ever since.  During this initial contact, Sarah immediately made the necessary arrangements and booked a time for Barry to report on site within a couple of days at which time he conducted a very detailed and precise estimate of the work that I was looking to have completed in accordance with his schedule.  
Within just a matter of a couple of days after meeting Barry at the specific location where all of the work was to take place, Sarah contacted me by phone and scheduled a specific date and time for this work assignment which to my complete surprise was booked for less than a week away in spite of high volume of work assignments that Barry is involved with throughout the year.

Upon arriving on site along with his crew members and his highly acclaimed 83′ Tracked Spiderlift, Barry and his men not only completed this assignment in less than four hours but they provided exceptional skill, precision and customer service throughout the entire process in order to ensure that they were providing me with exactly what I wanted to have accomplished and they were right on target and completely blew me away with the overwhelming quantity and quality of their work.  As a direct result of this tremendous experience with Barry, Sarah and their crew members, I am already looking forward to not only utilizing their services once again in the weeks and months ahead,  but I will most definitely recommend them to the highest extent possible at every possible opportunity because they have most definitely earned it !!”

H. Winkler writes;

Just a brief note to say thank you for the great service and making us safe again.
When our 60′ tall Maple tree broke off and laid a huge branch against our house in a storm, it was scary. A large decaying tree that could drop on our home is serious business and winter is coming. It was clearly time to take it down before a worse event happened.
We are so very glad we used your services. I am a requiring customer with a background in commercial management. When shopping, I consider safety, competence, credibility, reputation and attitude as well as price.  
Not only did you remove that massive tree in one day, but your crew was so very respectful of our property. The clean as you go process, the on task professional effort by all your crew and the modern equipment and techniques you use are impressive and reassuring. On top of that, I will now share that you even had the best price.
I don’t know what future needs I might have, but if there is a next time, I won’t be shopping it because there is no reason to do so.
Please share my comments and contact info as you like with anyone considering you as their arborist. If everyone did business the way you do, life would be far less stressful.
Thank you again and I wish for your continued success.

H. Jonas writes;

“Barry and his crew have been out to my house 3 times to work. They’ve removed 7 Douglas firs, ground the stumps, hauled away debris, cut up logs for us to cut into fire wood we wanted, and cleared out our back yard. They’ve always been on time, are fast, and professional. There’s no hidden charges. He charges what he quotes and is very respectful. I’d recommend them for any job, large or small!”

S. Clark writes;

“After my neighbors approached us in hopes that we would remove a very mature tree that was growing over their roof and driveway, and more importantly dropping a very annoying sap on their vehicles, I immediately contacted Capital Tree Experts. Barry and Travis met me at my house within a day to discuss the options. We discussed options, with my neighbor present as well and came up with a plan that would save the tree which we wanted yet eliminate the overhang on the neighbors side. Barry went over all scenarios and was very honest about the status of the tree and what I can expect in years to come. We agreed on the work to be completed and scheduled it on the spot. He arrived when he said he would and completed the work very quickly. They cleaned up the work site so well one would not have even known they were there. Barry was very pleasant to work with. I highly recommend them and they will be the first I call for future work. Thanks Barry and team!!!”

Christa H. writes;

“My daughter has a very expensive Bengal cat she shows in 4H. We found her on the 3rd floor roof of our house, very scared. These guys came so fast and she was down safe and happy. Thank you!”

J. McReynolds writes;

“I hired Capital Tree Expert to cut down a couple of dangerous trees around our house. Barry and his crew did a fantastic job, got the trees down safely and the work area was clean when they left. I appreciate the professionalism and outstanding work!”

Cheri and John Daniels write;

“You’re a skilled artist in what you do and it was a pleasure to watch you work. Like a dance, moving around the tree, skillfully cutting and lowering each branch and limb. Thank you again, Barry for the kind, respectful way you were with me; with my very strong emotional attachment to that beautiful ole lady, who stood there for so many years.  So now all of it has been cut, split, and taken to a couple of our friends home. The stump leveled, then one part dug/cut out for a bird bath.”