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Crafting Green Excellence: Our Story

Embark on a journey through our roots, growth, and commitment to environmental excellence. Discover the story behind Capital Tree Experts, where passion for nature meets professional expertise.



ISA-certified arborists ensure precision, health, and safety, enhancing your trees with over two decades of hands-on experience.



Count on 24/7 emergency services and transparent processes for efficient, dependable tree care solutions.



Our team's deep-rooted love for the local environment results in tailored care, enriching Thurston County's greenery with every project.

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About Us

Green Harmony Narrative

At Capital Tree Experts, our story is one of passion and commitment. Founded by Barry Specht at the young age of 21, we've nurtured and grown alongside Thurston County's landscape for over two decades. Our journey is defined by a deep love for trees, a commitment to excellence, and the relentless pursuit of arborist mastery.

In Thurston County's heart, Barry, an ISA Certified Arborist, founded Capital Tree Experts. Our arborists blend technical mastery with a deep local understanding, crafting tailored solutions that elevate tree health, beauty, and safety. We don't just care for trees; we embody arborist excellence, passion, and Thurston County's enduring green beauty.

Crafting tree solutions with ISA-certified mastery
Elevating health, beauty, and safety with expertise
Weaving a tale of passion in greenery care

Voices of Satisfaction

Barry and the other tree cutters did an excellent job cutting a walnut tree.  Their spider lift is something everyone should see.  With that lift, I don’t know why anybody would call anyone else.  They cleaned up a lot of  my neighbor’s walnuts and leaves off my lawn which I appreciated very much.  They were all very nice.  Barry is an arborist so is knowledgeable about trees.  I really like that they have 24/7 emergency service in case one of the neighbor’s trees fall in my yard or on my house.  If you need a tree cut, Capital Tree Experts is the place to call.  Thank you.


From my first contact with Capital Tree Experts, I felt confident in my choice. Sarah's prompt and efficient handling of my initial inquiry set the tone for the exceptional service that followed. Barry, after conducting a detailed on-site estimate, surprised me by scheduling the work within a week, despite a busy schedule. When Barry and his crew arrived with their impressive equipment, including the acclaimed 83' Tracked Spiderlift, they not only completed the job in under four hours but also demonstrated outstanding skill, precision, and customer service. Their dedication to meeting my expectations left me thoroughly impressed. Thanks to this remarkable experience, I eagerly anticipate engaging their services again and wholeheartedly recommend Capital Tree Experts to others.

H. Winkler

Thank you for the excellent service and ensuring our safety. When our 60' tall Maple tree posed a serious threat to our home after a storm, your team swiftly and professionally removed it in a day. As a discerning customer with a background in commercial management, I value safety, competence, credibility, reputation, attitude, and price. Your crew's respectful approach, clean-as-you-go process, and use of modern equipment were impressive. Notably, you offered the best price. I won't hesitate to recommend your services, and if future needs arise, I won't shop around – there's no need. Wishing you continued success, and please feel free to share my positive feedback.

H. Jonas

After my neighbors expressed concerns about a mature tree overhanging their property and causing issues, including sap on their vehicles, I promptly reached out to Capital Tree Experts. Barry and Travis met me at my house the next day to discuss viable options. In the meeting, with my neighbor present, we developed a plan to preserve the tree while eliminating the overhang. Barry provided honest insights into the tree's condition and future expectations. We agreed on the scope of work and scheduled it immediately. True to his word, Barry and his team arrived on time and efficiently completed the job. The cleanup was so thorough that you wouldn't have known they were there. Barry's pleasant demeanor made the entire process enjoyable. I highly recommend their services and won't hesitate to call them for future work. Thanks, Barry and team!

Christa H.

I hired Capital Tree Expert to cut down a couple of dangerous trees around our house. Barry and his crew did a fantastic job, got the trees down safely and the work area was clean when they left. I appreciate the professionalism and outstanding work!

J. McReynolds

You’re a skilled artist in what you do and it was a pleasure to watch you work. Like a dance, moving around the tree, skillfully cutting and lowering each branch and limb. Thank you again, Barry for the kind, respectful way you were with me; with my very strong emotional attachment to that beautiful ole lady, who stood there for so many years. So now all of it has been cut, split, and taken to a couple of our friends home. The stump leveled, then one part dug/cut out for a bird bath.

Cheri and John Daniels


Meet Our Team: The Heart of Excellence

Discover the dedicated professionals behind Capital Tree Experts, committed to delivering top-notch service with expertise and passion.

Sara Specht - Barry headshot


I was born and raised in Olympia. I graduated from Capital High School in 2000. I started a stump grinding company in 2003 called Capital Grinding. I bought a small stump grinder out of the classified section in the Olympian. I learned how to operate it and started advertising. At first, I worked on the weekends or after work. I worked at Washington Truck Wreckers as an apprentice mechanic and an excavator / loader operator at Concrete Recyclers. After a year of being in business, I bought a mid-size stump grinder. I started doing tree work without any formal training. Luckily, I met an Arborist named Ray Gleason and he taught me how to do tree work safely. In 2010, I passed the ISA certified Arborist test. After 13 years of climbing, we became the first tree service to purchase a spiderlift in Washington state. It changed the way we do tree work and has given my body a break! My favorite thing about tree work is coming up with a plan for jobs that don’t have a clear solution. I still encounter jobs that I have to pass on, when the risk isn’t worth the reward.

I am on a team of canyoneers that discover new, uncharted canyons in the PNW. We research, route find, and then take the first descent. My knowledge of ropes and ability to problem solve come in handy with this hobby. I have had fun building my relationship with our son through mountain climbing. We made it to the top of Mt. Elinor this year, after multiple failed attempts due to snow. It makes me proud to see our kids develop a sense of grit and perseverance. I do my best to be an example of both.



I attended the North Thurston school district until my sophomore year. I graduated from Black Hills High School. After training at a technical college, I started work as a Medical Assistant at the Olympia outreach clinic for Children's Hospital. Later I moved to work for Olympia Orthopaedic Associates. I received on the job training and became the clinic’s x-ray technician. Barry and I began dating in 2006. We married atop The Remarkables mountain range in New Zealand in 2012. When our first born required an extended stay in the Mary Bridge NICU in 2013, my return to work was postponed. I returned part time. We decided it was the right time for me to join Capital Tree Experts, LLC in May 2016. Our second child was born in 2017.

In our spare time, we love adventures. We do our best to enrich our lives through travel. Yellowstone and Zion are a couple of our favorite spots. Our son endured a 10 mile, 10 hour canyoneering trip through the Subway in Zion on his 6th birthday! We work well as a team in life and in business. While at home, we spend as much of our time as possible at the barn. We have 6 miniature donkeys, 13 chickens, and a very sweet barn kitty. Barry installed climbing holds and a climbing rope. We have races to ring the bell at the top. Our daughter is working with one of the donkeys in hopes of being in the local parade. I volunteer at the elementary school several times a week and am a member of their PTO. Community and family are incredibly important to me. Capital Tree Experts, LLC is not just a business to me. It is a family. Our son loves to ride in the trucks and help on the jobs. Our daughter loves to delivery lunch and snap photos. Our goal is to show our children how to work hard, take pride in what you do, and to always respect one another.





Travis has worked for Capital Tree Experts for more than 17 years. He is pleased to be a solid and trustworthy worker. He enjoys showing others and brings an abundance of information and functional abilities in areas of mindfulness, procedures and ground support.

Travis has spent most of his life in the Pacific Northwest, where he thoroughly enjoys all aspects of the great outdoors.
Outside work hours, he treasures spending quality time with his wife, three children, and his Chocolate Labrador, Emmy. He's passionate about outdoor activities, takes pleasure in home renovation tasks, and loves tuning in to watch the Las Vegas Raiders.